Future of agriculture : Local decentralised farming

Nowadays fresh produce gets mainly imported from other countries reducing the quality, accessibility  and freshness. At Growmo, we believe that everyone should have the possibility to grow their own fresh produce at home, work or in your business. We have done this by developing a simple yet amazing system which you can grow anything you would like, not only herbs and small greens. 

Food origin

It is important to know where your food comes from, how it is being made and if there are any harmful substances that harm your current food. We believe at Growmo that producing local is the way being able to harvest on demand, no need for packaging or transport. Thus saving costs, time and being environmentally friendly.

Simple & Easy to Grow

You want to grow produce but you don’t have a green thumb? Growing made simple with our automated software. Monitor your plants and know when to harvest. 


At Growmo we highly believe that not only growing local but growing with bio and organic substances is the future. 

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