Mini Farm M10


With the Mini Farm M10 keep your Herbs plants healthy or start them from seeds.

With a length of 36 cm this breeding box fits on every table top. With the built-in intelligent controller the desired brightness and exposure time can be programmed. A plug and play system.



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Hydroponic setup is not included*

Name: Mini Farm ATUM M10
Dimensions : B 360mm x L 180mm x H 390mm, 4.2kg
Electrical Consumption: 17Watt
PPFD: LED Grow Light (200µmol m-2s-1, @ 200mm)
Crop types: Salad, Herbs,Leafy Greens, Strawberries, etc …
Watering system: Hydroponics, Soil, Pot
Light angle: 60°

Parus M10/M20 Mini Farm User Manual

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 43.2 × 12.3 × 39 cm


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