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Gold Leaf is a revolutionary new hydroponic fertilizer that contains all essential plant nutrients. This means hydroponic growers no longer need to use dedicated ‘A’ and ‘B’ fertilizers.

Another major advantage of Gold Leaf is that it is highly buffered and the nutrients are chelated with organic acids, meaning users do not need to continually adjust the pH level of the fertigation liquid.

Unlike other NPK fertilizers, Gold Leaf contains calcium, which is essential for strong healthy growth and bumper yields.

Mixed to the optimum pH (6.5).


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Gold Leaf is a highly concentrated liquid and is economical in use. The nutrient levels have been optimized to promote and sustain growth in a wide range of plant species. The nutrient levels are optimized to match those advised for hydroponic fertigation solutions. Not only does this make it great for hydroponic use, it also means that no matter which nutrient is limiting growth in your soil, you can rest assured that this deficiency will be addressed by the application of Gold Leaf.

Different formulations can be made if required to alter nutrient content or to add other active ingredients (e.g. biostimulants/biocides).


“Gold Leaf outperformed two- and three-part fertilizers with impressive growth rates and the plant structure that developed being more conducive to cropping. Examples include improved internode length and root development when compared to conventional ‘two-part’ fertilizers.”    

Quote from a commercial scale hydroponic grower

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