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    This product is for those with a empathy, kind heart and some spare change lying around. Your donation is split as followed: 15% goes toward the Lions Club NGO, 35% goes to Global Greens and the rest 50% goes toward Growmo NGO which is aimed at educating and bringing people in need together with the fresh produce they deserve and can then grow them selves either with their community or homes.

    All those who do donate will go on our Patreons Page, where you will be always remembered. By default you will be anonymous and none of your personal information is shared. If you would like to be named on on the Patreon Page please do leave a comment or send us an email through the contact form.

    We will be also post articles about how the money was spent and how the individual organisations are spending the money. If you have any questions on how the money will be spend further on these non profit organisations do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

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