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  • 128.10

    The Tera is a semi professional grow light that gives very powerful light. Are you a fanatical hobby grower and do you want to get a little more profit from your breeding by playing with light? Then the Tera is the solution.

    This LED grow light that can be used to produce strong seedlings, it offers a complete light spectrum. The lamp is particularly suitable for the hobby greenhouse to extend the season. The Terra has a built-in timer and dimmer and gives coloured light. The light is suitable for growing, vegetable and flowering processes.

  • 70.24

    The Parus Lucis is a lightweight breeding system that is build up within 2 minutes. Anyone who wants to start with simple germination seeds will experience how nice breeding is.

    The Lucis is an LED grow light that has been specially developed for simple breeding processes. Small plants often go into the garden after the Lucis or the plants are transplanted to large pot sizes. Of course you can also use the Lucis to grow herbs and cress throughout the year to cut. The Lucis is equipped with a dimmer and gives a bright white light.

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