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Lions NGO

Support the marine biodiversity today. Spend as little as 10 euros. Make the world a better place today!

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Why these organisations?

Lions Club NGO

Lions Club NGO is one of the most known and trusted NGO around the world. They truly mean what they do with their money. 

For example. In PMI, Spain they have already since a few years a program together with Lidl in order to pick up the food that is nearly “overdue” and gets brought to comunal kitchens to provide free food for people in need around the island. All through donations. They even have hired a driver and own a truck to make this possible. With the right infrastructure anything is possible… 

Global Greens NGO

Global Greens is the #1 priority. They focus on the rebuilding and infrastructure for reefs that has been damaged over past 100 years with our capitalistic way of doing commerce…. 

Be the difference! 

Growmo NGO

More info coming soon… 

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