Sustainable Indoor Greenhouses

You can grow bio organic produce sustainably in you home and business all year round, with our carefully developed high density yield indoor greenhouse!
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Here is an example of some hydroponic basil growing.
More than enough for a weekly 2-3 person household use!
Grow Mushrooms
You can now also grow mushrooms with our special mushroom indoor greenhouse, right in your store. With a dedicated subscription model!
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Start growing with your own Mini Farm!
You like plants but you don't have a garden or space outdoors? Then this is the perfect starting point!
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Simple to use & mantain

Grow what you need

Fresh, nutritious & delicious

Reduce your food waste footprint

How do the Growmo cultivating modules work?

Growmo Unit

Grow indoors locally 365 days a year your own fresh bio produce.

Controlled Environment for Plants

Hydroponic Automated Irrigation System

LED lights for plants

What can you grow?

Micro Greens




Leafy Greens

Root Vegetables



Our Services include

Subscription Model

Tailored Support


What can you buy in our shop?

Some items in the store are currently not available and will be soon back in stock! Thank you for the patience in advance.*   

Organic Seeds

Choose from over 70 organic certified seeds to grow anywhere you are with the right equipment.

Growing Media

Buy the right growing media for your purposes. Choose from different materials most are sustainable and biodegradable after use.


Choose from different fertilizers mineral based and non mineral based.

Mini Farms

Choose from different table top Mini Farms to grow your own Micro Greens, Sprouts, Leafy Greens & Herbs.

LED lights for Plants

It is important to have the right light for the different crop types.
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